Axio Lab.A1

Compact, Ergonomic, Efficient.    (型錄連結) 

Axio Lab.A1 sets new standards in the microscopy of materials.
Benefit from an unrivalled price-performance ratio while achieving
brilliant image quality based on Carl Zeiss ICS optics.

Its intuitive operation makes Axio Lab.A1 a reliable system
for routine applications in the laboratory. Axio Lab.A1 offers
the flexibility required for successful examinations, such as
in defect analysis, quality inspection and materials testing.

Key features:
• 5 position revolving nosepiece (bright- and darkfield)
• Differential interference contrast (C-DIC)
• 4 position reflector turret
with push&click contrast modules
• Optimized reflected-light beam path
• 50W halogen reflector illumination


Concentration on the Essentials

Uncompromising focus on ease of operation and cost-effectiveness
as prime characteristics of Axio Lab.A1.

The quintuple revolving nosepiece keeps all relevant
objectives ready for use. Select between brightfield, brightand
darkfield, DIC and polarizing objectives – for enhanced
operating comfort and increased specimen throughput in
a broad spectrum of applications.

A color-corrected reflected-light beam path with aperture
and field diaphragm for optimum specimen illumination
allows objectives to operate at maximum performance level.
This way even the smallest sample details and color graduations
can be distinguished.

The four-position reflector turret with its push&click
mechanism for contrast modules enables flexibility in
selecting and changing between the various contrasting

A 50W halogen reflector lamp and a wide-range power
supply that automatically adapts to the local line voltage
are integ  rated in the stand. Alternatively you can use an
LED lamp with its convincing advantages: constant color
temperature, low energy consumption, and extremely long

Benefit from the extra-large field of view (FoV number22)
and capture the essentials of your specimen at a

With its stage travel of 30 mm, Axio Lab.A1  offers ample 

vertical space for your specimens.

Greater flexibility, faster handling:
Selection of push&click contrast modules.

Everything at hand:
Integrated tool storage.

Take Advantage of Flexibility – Choose From a Comprehensive Range of Components

With its selection of accessories, Axio Lab.A1 can be configured for any application.

ZEISS EC EPIPLAN objectives are specially designed to fulfill
the everyday requirements in materials labs and quality inspection.
This tried-and-approved class of universal objectives offers
the best combination of economic efficiency and performance.

Select from a large number of Siedentopf-type binocular
and trinocular tubes to cover all documentation needs with
a maximum of ergonomics.

Note that Axio Lab.A1 is available with differential interference
contrast (C-DIC): A polarizing method that converts even
the tiniest changes in the surface morphology of a specimen into
brightness differences, C-DIC delivers excellent contrast in phase
objects and other specimens poor in intensity contrast.

The new professional microscope camera AxioCam ERc 5s,
in a package with AxioVision LE image processing software, is
an ideal companion to Axio Lab.A1. AxioVision LE supports the
optional Interactive Measurement module, a special feature permitting
the measurement of interactively defined contours: areas,
orientation angles, perimeter, diameter, centroid and so on.


The cost-effective, universal EC EPIPLAN objectives feature
achromatic correction and are manufactured with low strain.

The slider with neutral density and color filters helps to perfectly meet
the requirements of your specific application.

Axio Lab.A1 Technical Data


Upright microscope Axio Lab.A1

integrated reflected light illumination


Manual, coaxial coarse/fine drive, 30 mm travel range


Halogen reflector lamp HAL 50/12V 50W, optional LED


5 position nosepiece, for brightfield and darkfield, M27

Reflector turret

4 position for Push&Click modules

Power supply unit

Internal 12V DC 50W

stabilzed 100...240V AC/5060Hz/110VA

Filter slider

2 positions; 25 mm diameter


Mechanical stage, 75x30 mm,

coaxial drive right side,

anodized surface hardcoated

specimen holder included


PL 10x/20 Br. foc.

PL 10x/22 Br. foc.


AxioCam ERc 5s

Sensor: 5 MP CMOS Sensor

Resolution: 2560 (H) x 1920 (V) = 5.0 Megapixels

Pixel size: 2.2 μm x 2.2 μm

Interfaces: 1x SD card slot, 1x mini USB 2.0,

1x AV (S-Video), 1x DVI (HDMI)